First Five Days

You will leave the studio with Saniderm covering your new tattoo. This is a protective covering to allow for fast and easy healing. Please leave this on for 3-5 days, I know it is tempting to peel it off and have a look but please resist.

When you take off the bandage, wash your new tattoo in cool water with a gentle soap, there will be a bunch of inky plasma and adhesive to remove. After this let it dry out for a few hours and then moisturize with something fragrance free.

Keep your tattoo clean and moisturize regularly. It will be completely healed in 10-14 days.

When it’s completely healed please send me a picture!

Until it’s Healed

Your tattoo will go through a few stages, a raw sore stage, an itchy stage, and a flaky stage where you’ll develop a thin scab of ink that will come off. Once you’re done with the flaky stage the ink will look a bit shiny. Once the ink is dulled it’s healed. Keep the tattoo from drying until the ink is dulled.

But It’s ITCHY

It will be very itchy a few days after, this is normal. Do not scratch or pick at the tattoo! It will be very difficult to not scratch, but it’s important not to so, otherwise you risk both infection and ink dropout. Because the wound is still open, pulling at the scabs can cause the ink to come out with. You can try lightly tapping the tattoo with your clean hand to ease the itch if you need.

Sunlight / UV

UV in sunlight will damage both a brand new and an older tattoo. When the tattoo is healing it’s even more vulnerable. Avoid direct sunlight on your new tattoo for the first few weeks – cover with clothing if you’ll be outside.

After the tattoo has fully healed, wear a high SPF sunscreen on your tattoo when you’ll be in direct sun.

Soaking in Water

Avoid soaking the tattoo until it’s fully healed, up to three weeks. Soaking an open wound may lead to infection, and will likely lead to ink dropout. This includes swimming, baths, etc. Also be mindful not to get the area too sweaty, and to clean the tattoo gently after working out or sweating.


Everyone heals differently, and tattoos look different for everyone after awhile. Avoiding UV (use good sunscreen!) and keeping your tattoo moisturized will give you the best results long term.

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