Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the scheduling info.

My studio is located on the ground floor, with an elevator available at the back of the building for access to the bathroom.

If you have accessibility questions please feel free to reach out.

These are simply estimates, it will come down to the design and your individual skin. Areas with lots of skin like the chest/ ribs/ stomach always take longer. The more elements a design has the longer it will take.

Forearm single side: 3-4 hours

Forearm complete wrap: 4-6+ hours

Upper arm half sleeve: 4-6+ hours

Full sleeve: 12+ hours

Inner upper arm: 3-4 hours

Back of upper arm: 2-4 hours

Shoulder cap: 3-5+ hours

Upper back: 2-8+ hours

Large back: 8-12+ hours

Full back: 12-20+ hours

Chest: 6+ hours

Sternum: 4 hours

Stomach: 5+ hours

Thigh single side: 5+ hours

Thigh partial wrap: 5-12+ hours

Thigh full wrap: 9-12+ hours

Calf or shin: 3-5 hours

Lower leg full-wrap: 6-12+ hours

You will get a draft the evening before, and see the final design at your appointment.

Any cancellations will be posted on my Instagram stories. Please follow my instagram for more info.

Absolutely! Please note that a scar must be at least a year old before it can be tattooed.

Yes! If I am able to with my style, submit a proposal and I’ll let you know.

I do not allow the use of numbing cream as it can alter the texture of the skin and the way it takes ink, making the tattooing process more difficult and longer. If you arrive with numbing cream already applied, I will not proceed with the tattoo and you will forfeit your deposit.

However, if you have a medical reason for needing numbing cream, such as scarring, please reach out to me.

I prioritize the quality of the final product and aim to work to the best of my abilities. I am happy to take breaks or schedule shorter sessions as needed to ensure your comfort during the tattooing process.

For additional comfort, I also apply a numbing spray during the session, particularly when working on sensitive areas or when going over the same area multiple times

No. I have a small studio and work better without distractions. If you need someone there due to mobility or communication issues please reach out to me.

Please arrive to your appointment sober, well fed, hydrated and rested. Avoid alcohol the night before your appointment.

Feel free to bring some snacks and water for your session if it’s going to be on the longer side.

Wear clean, loose fitting clothes.

Bring cash for your tattoo, and be prepared that it could take longer than anticipated.

Please be on time.

Please read the tattoo aftercare information.

Yes. Most tattoo ink is vegan.

Currently no, cash only. Please come prepared. Thank you.

Tipping is appreciated, but not expected. Industry standard is 10-20%

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