I work out of a private studio in NW Portland, Wednesday-Saturday. The address will be given to you before our appointment.

Custom Work

Please have a look through my work to get a feel for my style. All custom work starts at $400.

I love custom work. Communication is essential in the design process. The more specific you are in detailing what elements you want to incorporate in your design, the easier and less time consuming the drawing process is for me. IE: a scrub jay surrounded by huckleberry is better than a bird in some leaves.

I charge a nonrefundable $50-$150 draw fee. Only larger project, such as sleeves, will be charged the higher end of that range. Most custom pieces are a $50 draw fee.

My draw fee covers one round of edits. If you say I have creative freedom to choose elements but then wish to change what I have chosen this will incur another draw fee.

I will send you a sketch of my interpretation to approve 24-72hrs before your appointment. Please reply within a timely manner so I have time to edit and finish the piece. No major changes can be made once the draft has been approved. Final designs are seen on the day.

On the day of the tattoo if you need major design changes (ie subject matter changes, not sizing or small edits) this will mean the loss of your deposit, rescheduling of your appointment and possibly and extra draw fee. Though I understand sometimes things happen, please be mindful that drawing takes many hours often more then the time it will take to tattoo the design.

If you are looking to work on a larger project such as a sleeve/ chest piece/ whole back please be aware that this is an investment of both time and money. Due to the size and complexity I cannot give a price estimate. Please also be aware that there will be time of having a half finished project, that is part of the process and cant be avoided.

Though I wont tattoo your custom design on anyone else, I may use it for promotional purposes. The rights to the original art belong to me.


All flash are repeated, pieces are available until removed from my pinned stories. Flash can be viewed in my pinned stories on Instagram

Flash designs can have minor edits to fit with your body or existing tattoos, these will be made during the appointment.

I may use flash designs for prints or other products, please assess if you are comfortable with before getting tattooed.

Touch Ups

I offer a free touch up within the first 6 months, after which it will be $50 for the session. Schedule a touch up and I’ll get back to you.

I schedule most touch ups on the first Thursday of the each month.

Reworking a Tattoo

I love reworking old tattoos, as long as it’s close to my style I’m happy to rework existing tattoos into something new.

I believe once a tattoo is on your body it’s yours to do with as you please. This goes for my work too, never feel bad if you want it touched up, changed or covered by someone other then me.

Things I Don’t Tattoo

  • Script/ text.
  • Portraits of people.
  • Arm or leg bands.
  • Tattoos on the following places: face, neck, hands, belly, feet, butt.
  • Small floral pieces

Submit A Proposal

Are you interested in scheduling an appointment? Submit an proposal and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for your interest!